..those are high quality, artistic also very romantic and natural postcards and cards, wrapping papers and other stationery created in Latvia, Sigulda.

Drawings, paintings, illustrations are created by me, mostly using ink and watercolours.

All cards and wrapping papers are printed on natural, eco-friendly matte design paper, some of the wrapping papers are printed on recycled craft paper.

​I suppose that the natural paper I use in combination with my romantic drawings and illustrations style create that special feeling of the previous time touch when people used to write cards and postcards more.

At the moment, I have more than 80 different designs, both small floral, botanical cards, and Christmas cards, warpping papers, gift tags and sticker sets, also romantic floral greeting cards with my favourite roses, peonies and rustic meadow flowers.

I really hope my works have spirituality and natural, live feeling what make them different and special.